Discover seamless real estate investing with Propty. Accessible, low-cost, and flexible opportunities to grow your passive income.

Benefits of Investing with PropTy

Affordability & Accessibility
Start investing with as little as $10 through PropTy.
Mortgage free Investments
No more paying hefty interest on mortgages to invest in real estate. Create your real estate portfolio mortgage-free through PropTy.
Passive Income for everyone
Access assured rental yield through our vetted rental properties.
Your Path to Easy Real Estate Investment
How Makes Real Estate Investment Easy
Create your profile
Set up your investor profile and complete the KYC process.
Browse through properties
Explore pre-vetted properties with high investment potential.
Buy your tokens
Choose your investment amount and select your shares.
Sit back, relax and start earning Rental Yields
Earn Rental Yields. Sit back and relax while PropTy manages your properties.
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Invest in Fractional Rental Properties Across Canada
New Listing
Elmwood Heights
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4
Rent Per Token: $ 6.45
Rent Start Date: July 15, 2024
Available: 8,750 tokens at $60+ per token
New Listing
Pine Ridge Estates
Toronto, ON M5R 2E3
Rent Per Token: $ 4.90
Rent Start Date: August 1, 2024
Available: 10,200 tokens at $55+ per token
New Listing
Maplewood Residences
Montreal, QC H2X 3A8
Rent Per Token: $ 5.75
Rent Start Date: September 10, 2024
Available: 2,000 tokens at $65+ per token
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Achieve Financial Freedom with Real Estate Tokenization
With, property investment is accessible to everyone. Let's break down barriers and build bridges to prosperity together. Start trading, start earning, start dreaming.
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How PropTy marketplace works?

The  marketplace consists of buyers (token investors) and sellers (people who want to sell their properties).properties are listed by multiple parties that source deals to our marketplace. These parties include real estate agents, turnkey providers, wholesalers, and home flippers. Before a property can be listed on the marketplace, it must have an inspection report, appraisal, signed purchase agreement, and much more.

Who is allowed to invest?

Both US and non-US investors are allowed to purchase tokens.

What is the maximum number of tokens I can purchase in each property?

For each property, the maximum number of tokens each investor can own is 10%. This number increases to 15% if the property is live for more than 3 days.

How can I track the performance of my property?

All owners have their own dashboard, called Assets Overview, where you can see how many tokens you hold and their current principal value, which will adjust automatically each month starting after the token offering is complete. You’ll be able to see income added to your account along with records of historical transactions.

Do I have to submit my ID before I can participate?

Yes. We are required by law to perform KYC (Know Your Customer) on every user before they’re allowed to purchase tokens.

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